At different times in life we may find it hard to fall asleep.  Sometimes it's due to stress and sometimes it's just how it is.  Often it's because of the food we're eating.  If you eat a large meal too close to bed time it can cause you to stay awake due to heartburn or just feeling overly full.  Fatty and spicy food can also contribute to a sleepless night.  The amazing thing about food is that you can also eat things that boost melatonin and act as a natural sleep aid.  Here's a great recipe that is tasty and can help when you encounter times you just can't fall asleep.  

Tart Cherry Balls

1/2 cup tart dried chaerries
1/2 cup almonds
3 medjool dates

In a food processor pulse all the ingredients until they create a paste.  Roll into quarter size balls. Eat 2-3 cherry balls a half an hour before bedtime.  Tart Cherries combined with the almonds provide a rich natural source of melatonin.