We had an opportunity to preview a new documentary that will be released this summer.  PlantPure Nation is gift from Nelson Campbell and the producer/writer of Forks Over Knives. Throughout the film, the benefits of a whole food plant based diet are showcased against the backdrop of a resistant political climate.  Stories of individual and community transformation shine an unmistakeable light into the uncertainties of those consuming and promoting the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).  PlantPure Nation adds a voice to the growing chorus of scientists and citizens who embrace this alternative lifestyle.  The production team shared a vision for connected communities through the creation of PlantPure Pods in each city where the movie plays this July 2015.  We were impressed with the personal investment and passion of Nelson Campbell and his father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study).  Our diets are a very personal matter.  It is not surprising that any information that seems to go against our own accepted choices is met with skepticism and sometimes defensiveness.  The movie fairly displays those on both sides of this diet debate.  As with any movement or revolution there are those deeply invested on both sides.  If you are committed to living a plant based life we would strongly encourage you to see this important film and continue to share your personal experiences.  If you are committed to living the standard american life by consuming the Standard American Diet, we would strongly encourage you to see the film and add your voice to the debate.  The movie begins with the quote that shares the title of this post.  "The truth is a stubborn thing.  It won't go away."