We recently watched the May 2014 documentary Fed Up.  Having missed the film at the local theater we were excited to see what the filmmakers had to add to the world of nutritional information and transparency.  As with most documentaries the movie does provide a multitude of statistics and information displayed in easily digestible infographics.  We were most moved by the several children who are profiled and their struggles for healthy living.  While the documentary does accurately point a finger at sugar as a dangerous and all too available source of weight gain and health issues, it seems to spend its screen time on the problems and not solutions.    The desperation of the children featured was simply heart breaking.  We kept expecting the film to turn its focus to providing these young people with tools to make the life changes needed but it left this part of the story untold.  We can only hope that those who know and support these young ones surround them with the nutritional options and fitness opportunities they could most benefit from.  Any voice adding authenticity to the confusing and clouded world of food labels and lobbyists is a welcome and needed one.  Check out this film for some great information about the current obstacles we face with every meal.  We also encourage you to grow your awareness and share with those you know and love.  There are many among us who need clear information and helpful tips how to live a healthy life.